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Real Estate industry plays a vital role in various aspects which include selling and buying of property, land, buildings and the natural resources (crops, minerals, or water etc). Currently, there are numerous businesses involved directly in real estate such as (Residential, Commercial and Agricultural). However, the major types of businesses that are involved in real estate are either operational (property law, property management, asset management, loan servicing, etc) or transnational (brokerage, title, underwriting, etc).

property lawIn this era, there are several countries of the world that are doing real estate buying and selling the business. With their respect it is necessary for every country they are strictly following the Property law policies as per government same like other countries in Pakistan people are following government laws in real estate industry for instance “Property Law Act 1882”  and other laws. However, as per the smooth realty transaction, it’s necessary for every citizen of Pakistan for following rules and regulation as per government Property Law policies.

Several laws that are obligatory in term of buying and selling the business in Real estate market Pakistan


1908 law was identified for the registration policies of the state market and it consists of fifteen sections. According to this law, you can find all the requirements of registration. This law also clarifies the registered properties and its inclusive law which guide a layman in a variety of aspect so it’s obligatory for Pakistani citizens


This law is formulated as per the demand of buyer and sellers as per a certain aspect of government for instance legal agreements or contracts in the state market of Pakistan. According to the stamp act of 1899 buyer and seller can legally validate their properties. However, the cost of stamp paper depend on the economic circumstances of the country


1967 act is the land revenue act and it’s formulated as per the complete hierarchy of land and revenue development in Pakistan. According to this act, you can acknowledge the clear guidelines of land revenue. A major critical scenario like conducting surveys, boundaries also instructed as per land revenue act


In Pakistan, property purchasing has never been risking free. However, it’s necessary for people during property purchasing to carefully check the property title and seller detail before the transaction. As per the act of 1882 people take guidelines in terms of every scenario regarding real estate


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