Dream Home Expo 2023 by Jang Group

Dream Home Expo 2023 by Jang Group is going to be held at Pak-China Friendship Centre Islamabad. Here’s all you need to know.2023! The highly anticipated Dream Home Expo 2023, organized by Jang Media Group, is all set to begin soon.

With the participation of around 40 leading real estate companies, this event promises to showcase an extensive range of properties that cater to every budget and lifestyle. Undoubtedly, investing in property always proves to be a good choice for investors. Whether it’s Pakistan or any other country, real estate investment is always considered a good opportunity.

Zameen Solutions is coming to Dream Home Expo 2023

We are thrilled to announce that Zameen Solutions is meeting its investors at Dream Home Expo 2023. It is organized by Jang Group. Moreover, we are bringing incredible investment opportunities, deals and offers for you. To add, Dream Home Expo is a real estate event which provides innumerable investment options and real estate tips.

Likewise, this property expo includes knowledge regarding affordable housing options, interior design inspirations, investment opportunities, new property launches, property buying guide, property expo, property financing options & property management strategies. This blog aims to guide you through all the essential details about Dream Home Expo’s location, and date.

Event Details

Dream Home Expo 2023

Date: 15th – 16th – 17th July 2023

Location: Pak-China Friendship Centre, Islamabad

Where to find Zameen Solutions?

We are excited to announce that our stall will be conveniently located at Dream Home Expo 2023. As soon as you enter, you won’t miss us! Team Zameen Solutions will be ready to welcome you. You can find us at Stall No. 19 & 20. Our strategic placement ensures easy accessibility, allowing you to explore our offerings and engage in enriching conversations right from the start. Whether you’re seeking information, eager to make a purchase, or simply curious to learn more, make sure to visit our stall near the entry gate. We will guide you about the property trends and property buying guide in Dream Home Expo 2023.

Reasons to Visit Zameen Solutions at Dream Home Expo 2023

Most importantly, you have a golden chance to explore investment opportunities with top real estate companies in Pakistan. In fact, there will be real estate conferences, real estate consultations, new property launches and much more at Dream Expo 2023.  Additionally, real estate event serves as the perfect platform to connect with fellow professionals, experts, and enthusiasts in the Real Estate Sector. Zameen Solutions is going to help you to share knowledge, exchange ideas, and build valuable relationships that can open doors to exciting investment opportunities.

Here are 5 most important reasons why you should be attending Dream Home Expo 2023:

  1. Networking Opportunities
  2. Interactive Real Estate Sessions & Consultation
  3. Property Showcasing
  4. Discover New Investment Opportunities
  5. Exclusive Deals and Offers

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What Can You Expect in Dream Home Expo?

Extensive Range of Property Showcasing: You can explore a wide range of residential and commercial properties, including apartments, houses, offices, and retail spaces. Dream Expo 2023 will help you to gain insights into the latest developments, upcoming projects, affordable housing options, interior design inspirations, investment opportunities, new property launches, property buying guide, property expo, property financing options, property management strategies and investment opportunities across various cities in Pakistan.

Inspiring Keynote Speakers: Afterwards, prepare to be listen to visionary keynote speakers of the Real Estate Sector during a real estate conference.  Chiefly, they will share their insights and experiences. Ultimately leaving you inspired and motivated.

Meet Pakistan Street Child Football TeamZameen Solutions proudly stands alongside Pakistan Street Child Football Team as they prepare to represent Pakistan in the prestigious Norway Cup 2023. As a passionate advocate for education and sports, Zameen Solutions is committed to supporting the dreams and aspirations of young individuals. We believe in the power of combining education and sports to nurture well-rounded individuals. Together, we aim to inspire and empower the next generation through this incredible opportunity. Let’s cheer for the young Pakistan Street Child Football Team.

Developer and Investor Engagement: Firstly, you will meet representatives from reputable developers and real estate companies. Zameen Solutions will be welcoming you to gather information about projects, investment prospects, and available financing options. Secondly, you will also be able to attend presentations by renowned developers. Surely, they will share details about their projects, construction quality, amenities, and unique selling points. This provides valuable insights to help you make informed decisions.

Exclusive Deals and Discounts: Zameen Solutions is bringing exclusive deals and discounts for early buyers. You can also take advantage of exclusive deals, discounts, and incentives developers and agents offer during the expo. These may include reduced prices, flexible payment plans, waived fees, or additional perks for early buyers.

Networking Opportunities:  Likewise, make meaningful connections with industry peers, potential collaborators, and mentors in Real Estate Sectors. Engage in engaging conversations, forge partnerships, and create lasting relationships that can elevate your career or business to new heights.

Entertainment: It is true that entertainment is also important in real estate events. You will have concerts to attend and much more fun with your family and friends. This expo will provide all the entertainment you need.


In conclusion,  Dream Home Expo 2023 promises to be an unforgettable real estate event. Definitely, you will gain inspiration, knowledge, and innovation. So don’t miss out on this real estate event. To repeat, join us at Pak-China Friendship Centre in Islamabad, Pakistan, on 15th, 16th & 17th July 2023. Be a part of a gathering that celebrates the power of collaboration, learning, and forward-thinking in the real estate market. See you at the expo!

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