Downtown The Walk, Park View City, Islamabad

1 Kanal


2.5 Years Plan

CDA Approval

Aura Sky holds a CDA-issued No Objection Certificate (NOC), ensuring investor security. This certification reflects adherence to top-notch quality and legal standards, establishing project credibility and reassuring investors of a safe and dependable investment venture.

Aura Sky


Park View City, Islamabad, beckons investors in search of modernity and tranquility. Zameen Solutions proudly presents Aura Sky, a mini high-rise venture nestled within the iconic commercial downtown “The Walk”. The Walk is offering luxurious living in Pakistan’s Largest Commercial Hub. With its prime position, contemporary amenities, and versatile design, Aura Sky presents diverse investment opportunities in Islamabad’s real estate sector. It harmoniously blends urban accessibility with serene living.



Approximately 15 min to Murree Road
Approx. 18 min to Islamabad Expressway
Approx. 19 min to Srinagar Highway
Approx. 20 min to Zero Point
Approx. 39 min to Islamabad International Airport

Available Inventory

  • Luxury Apartments
  • Single Bedroom Apartments

Experience serenity and stunning views in our Single Bedroom Apartments, ideal for families and multi-generational living. Thoughtfully designed with full-height windows that frame picturesque skies and natural vistas, these homes boast spacious living and dining areas for ultimate comfort.

  • Double Bedroom Apartments
    Experience luxury in our spacious Double Bedroom Apartments. Abundant natural light fills your days, while captivating city lights adorn your nights. Ideal for professionals and modern families, discover exquisite craftsmanship in every inch.


  • Prominent Features
  • Spacious Lounge
  • Fashionable Dining Room
  • Open Kitchen
  • Modern Bathroom

Executive Offices

Offering you a workspace equipped with cutting-edge facilities. This prestine address could be your next Head Office address for:

  • Finance,
  • Tech,
  • Healthcare,
  • Business, or
  • Career Counseling.

Premium Commercial Outlets

Aura Sky offers premium outlets to elevate your business. These commercial spaces are ready to shape your dreams. Whether it’s:

  • A boutique,
  • A Café,
  • A Tech Hub, or
  • A Wellness Centre

Seize the chance to thrive with high customer value and top amenities.