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Real Estate Marketing

property marketing website

Property marketing website In Pakistan

Our variety of services includes the use of friendly websites covering all mentioned property classes “Apartments, commercial offices, business-centre and investment properties”. Furthermore, Zameen Solutions also provided property marketing website portal and caters services through an online portal with residential and other wide ranges of commercials plots and houses.

Our Property Marketing website responsibilities lies in valuation of the considerable number of highlights of a scheme, stretching out from the possibility of the considerable number of administrations that are required, figuring the estimation of the property in agreement with the primary promoting patterns; to think about the general population inclination as far as region; to evaluate the market propensities to the extent the financial specialists reaction is concerned; the climate reasonableness in accordance with the undertaking dispatch; the present economy that can generally move upwards or downwards influencing our technique lastly to show the most appropriate monetary rates. In the wake of thinking about the Marketing and Advertising Plans, the second period of the planning of publicizing and limited time material commences. Approval Communications, the parent publicizing organization, is trusted with the planning and generation of the handout material, outside signage, ads and TV advertisements.

How Its Work

It comes with great pleasure to see that we are able to attract a large number of daily online visitors. In addition, property marketing also provides some innovative marketing solutions which are listed below: Social media networks Sms Marketing Brochures E-Marketing

property marketing website


Real Estate Marketing Strategy

Marketing and advertising

Zameen solutions is one of the major platforms of real estate marketing group of Pakistan, which offers an array of ingenious services required in this modern age; for instance: digital marketing, advertising consultancy and etc. Since we know that, the real estate market is constantly changing hence, as the time passes, prices trend up, wheeling between highs and lows. The strategies we employ to market your property will depend on where the market sits in the current cycle. Some of the other projects of Zameen Solutions are shown in the bottom figure


Zameen Solutions has expertise in brand creation through media and PR by one of the most reputed journalists of Pakistan to handle the related campaigns. Following are the strategies that play an effective role in media and PR power and are shown in mentioned figure:



Zameen Solutions put together gathering events which include “Seminars, Media briefings, Hi-tea events, and entertainment events” as well. The company proudly executes these type of events with such delight and efficiency. This portrays the well-being of our organization in-terms showing admiration and ambition towards creating a more communicated and a digitalized network


Zameen Solutions has the ability of directly making a conversation to its specific client. Also, we are one of the major real estate company’s’ of Islamabad which plays a paramount role to communicate directly with its buyers. Through a database of number of satisfied buyers that keeps its clients informed about the pace of development.

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